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The translation of the Japanese word 'kata' is 'form'. A kata consists of a predefined sequence of karate defences and attacks (about 20 to 60 in number), against a number of imaginary opponents. Within the Shotokan style of karate there are 26 different katas which are learned throughout your training. Several katas are learned before you reach black belt, and the remaining are learned after black belt as you progress through the different levels of black belt (Dan) grades.

Kata Videos & Diagrams

Please note: These links will take you to demonstration videos on YouTube

HEIAN SHODAN - "Peaceful Mind One" 

HEIAN NIDAN - "Peaceful Mind Two"

HEIAN SANDAN - "Peaceful Mind Three"

HEIAN YONDAN - "Peaceful Mind Four"

HEIAN GODAN - "Peaceful Mind Five"

A more complete list of Katas will follow...

Sensei Toru Shimoji

Bunkai /Analysis / Application

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