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PKA Student of the Month

This Month: Seamus Doyle

A Gold Medalist at the 2019 KNL Championships, Seamus Doyle puts it all out there for his Karate. A practitioner for over 5 years, Seamus would rather be in the Dojo than anywhere else. His commitment to training is inspiring. His karate is sharp, his ambitions are solid.

Wise for his age, Seamus understands how karate has helped him, and he is eager to work at becoming a Junior Leader (Deshi) and eventually a full-fledged teacher of the art.

Quote from Seamus:

Karate is important to me, it helps me focus and concentrate, karate is my favourite sport that I do and I cannot wait to get my black belt and become a Sensei and teach my own classes. I like going to competitions and meeting new people...I enjoying helping Sensei with the younger kids in the earlier classes. Karate is something I will do for the rest of my life.

You're well on your way, Seamus...Hold on to that spirit!


This Month: Adelle Power

The picture tells us that Adelle has been a karate kid for a long time already! Maybe some family influence there!


Karate is an Art of Mind, Body and Spirit, and at her very young age Adelle shows focus, amazing skill, and a positive spirit in each and every class.  

Adelle has been chosen as this month's PKA Student of the Month for her dedication to her training and for her leadership in the Dojo. Her skill is exciting to watch and her positive interactions with other karate kids is refreshing to see. 

Adelle is following a solid Traditional Karate lineage and she embodies the motto of Respect, Confidence and Power.

(Note from Senpai Jeff: "Thank you, Adelle, for always making Anna feel so welcomed when she comes to the Dojo. She loves that you always make a point to include her!")

Oss! Adelle


This Month: Tyssha Petten

The Martial Arts are as much about overcoming your own fears as they are about the opponent. Tyssha, a bright young lady who was somewhat reserved has begun to find her solid ground in the Dojo.


Her progress, socially and physically, has been remarkable, and this past weekend Tyssha  confidently took her place among 22 others who were tested for thier next rank in front of Sensei Power and Sensei Shimoji of the USA. 

Her courage is inspiring.


Tyssha is a reminder that the quiet and humble are as successful as anyone in the end! 

Excellent work, Tyssha!


This Month: Toren Smyth

Toren Smyth is a young Karate technician! Toren is in the Dojo as often as it is open, and is doing extra training with Sensei Power whenever he can. His dedication shows in his Karate form and spirit. 

The Karate warrior is said to have 'steel hands and a good heart', and that is what Toren embodies at his young age. 

Admired by his Dojo-mates and respected by his instructors, Toren is on a path to Karate excellence.

A quote from Toren: “I really like learning new things, but the best part is probably being able to help younger kids and show them some of the things I have learned.”

Superb job, Toren!


This Month: Claire Hutchings

Claire Hutchings is a very Powerful Karate Kid! She has been training for almost 6 years and is very devoted to her karate and her Dojo. Claire has won several Regional and Provincial medals as well as a Bronze at the World Championships.  Claire, along with some of her Dojo friends, has taken on the role of assisting Sensei Power with the younger karateka and assists with fundraisers, tournaments and social events. 

Claire's favorite thing about Karate is that she gets to train and socialize with her Dojo "family", and meet people from around the world.

Keep up the good work inside and outside the Dojo, Claire!

This Month: Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw is a very serious karate guy. He trains hard and is great with the junior kids in his class. Sensei and Senpai enjoy teaching Matthew because he is focused and is very eager to learn. Two of Matthew's karate friends recently commented that "Matthew trains hard, and he is really good!"

Quote from Matthew: "I enjoy karate for several reasons. Karate teaches you how to defend yourself and others. I also really like going to tournaments, especially competing in Kumite. You also make lots of great friends."  

Keep it up, Matthew!


This Month: DrewQuann

A huge part of Karate is your dedication to training. Chosen as this month's student of the month, Drew is a karate kid who doesn't miss a class! Drew was nominated by Sensei Brian Sr. because of his commitment and his willingness to help others in the Little Ninja's group. The study of karate is often a team effort and Drew is a real team player! Way to go Drew!  

Georgia Power

If Karate-do is about becoming a better person as well as about training hard in the Martial Art, Georgia is a perfect example. At the recent World Traditional Karate Championships, Georgia competed with all she had in her. Small in stature, she was a lion in heart and soul! It was after the tournament that Georgia's karate essence shone through. After winning two medals, Georgia gave one away to a friend who competed but didn't win. Georgia said: "He worked hard, He deserved a Medal!" That, I believe, is True Karate!

Cameron Quann

Cameron is a great example of what we are trying to instill in our students and our youth. Cameron intervened at the park recently when younger kids were being excluded from participating in a game. Cameron stepped up to ensure people were not bullied and were included. The affected kids were very thankful and it made their day so much better. Karate is not just about kicking and punching, its about being a good person and having the ability to recognize what is right and wrong and to intervene when necessary. Great job Cameron!  

Sam "The Man" Angel

Question for Sam: "What is your favorite thing to do in Karate?"

Sam: "My favorite thing is doing Kata!" 

Sam is being honored as this month's student of the month due to his excellent work ethic in the Dojo, his respect for others and for extra work he put into preparations for his last grading (1st Purple Belt). Sam has been doing Karate for three years and has made excellent progress in his posture, his breathing and his Karate power! Oss, Sam!

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